JCI Curepipe President’s Message

07 Jun

Portrait of Prashant LallahDear readers,

I would like to first extend my sincerest appreciation to all the members of JCI Curepipe for giving me the opportunity to serve as President. It is a great privilege and honor for me. As President I look forward to working with members of JCI Curepipe and members of other JCI Mauritius Chapters as well, most of whom I have gotten to know quite well during my two and a half years as member of this wonderful organization.

My aspirations are to create a strong bond between members of JCI Curepipe. I want members to participate in activities because they want to; not because they have been asked to. Increasing the visibility of JCI Curepipe is something which I really want to achieve. This can only be realized with a good communication. Since the beginning of the year, a lot of importance has been given to the website administration. The website is being updated regularly with all the latest news of JCI Curepipe, JCI Mauritius and JCI.

Over the past 25 years, JCI Curepipe has been in the limelight of various well-known and breathtaking projects and events and I assure you we will keep the flag of JCI Curepipe flying high with that same energy and motivation. Projects are geared towards the needs of the members and the community. Two brainstorming sessions were held last December to get to know the expectations of the members for 2010. The action plan was prepared with the information gathered from these brainstorming sessions. So far, the projects that have been implemented have been successful. We’ve had a team bonding in February and training on project management and presentation skills. A training on stock market and stock exchange was organized in April. We have also launched a training on photography which is currently in progress. JCI Curepipe’s second PR event was held on the 29th of May on board a catamaran. A health campaign will be launched soon . This project focuses on 3 main health issues namely blood diseases such as Thalassaemia and Haemophilia, Diabetis and Dental care. In this view, a blood donation campaign as well as an awareness campaign about the above named health issues will be carried out. Further sensitization about diabetes among the elderly along with random blood testing will also be done. For the younger population, free dental check up and awareness about proper dental hygiene will also be addressed. Last but not least, focus will also be put on the impact of proper nutrition to minimize risks of diabetes and cancer. There are other projects in the pipeline which will definitely create an impact on the society.

A lot of emphasis has been put on membership growth and retention. I want members to realize how privileged they are to be part of this fantastic organization. JCI has a lot of opportunities to provide. Members should make the most out of them. They will be empowered and encouraged to take on more responsibilities. If I have been able to instill the sense of belonging to members of the organization at the end of 2010, I will consider my job done as President of JCI Curepipe for 2010.

I have been working towards establishing a good working atmosphere for members. Team spirit is very important to me. Voices of the members are being heard. Some firm but friendly control has been exercised on the supervision of the affairs of the organization. I am assisting officers in carrying out their assigned tasks and am always be present to motivate the members to perform their duties and responsibilities.

I am looking forward to serving you and working with you for the rest of the year. I count on your help and feedback. Let us learn together, laugh together and work together, confident that in the end we will triumph together in the right. Just like our past JCI Curepipe leaders have done over the last 25 years, let us continue to work and serve our community with a spirit of brotherhood and unity.
Warm Regards,

Prashant Lallah
2010 JCI Curepipe President


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