JCI Curepipe Immediate Past President’s Message

07 Jun

Portrait of Deepti LuchmanDear readers,

It is with much pleasure that I address to you a few words regarding my extra ordinary JCI Experience. Since I joined JCI, I have been amazed by the different facets of this wonderful organization. Along with social activities, international relations & networking and business prospects, members also have many personal development opportunities. I view the organization as a learning centre where you have opportunities to learn by doing. My JCI Experience has positively impacted on my professional, as well as personal life and I am sure it is the same for all active Jaycees.

JCI Curepipe has been molding many high caliber leaders since 1984. They served the organization and passed on the JCI values to younger generations. Last year JCI Curepipe celebrated its silver Jubilee and I had the honour to host the celebrations, as 2009/25th JCI Curepipe President. A ‘special Silver Jubilee evening’ was organized on the 20th of December 2009 at Aanari Hotel. It was a very successful event with the presence of many JCI Curepipe members and well as members from all the other JCI organizations in Mauritius. It was a real delight to welcome, recognize and thank many of the past JCI Curepipe Presidents. On the same occasion the presidency relay was passed to the 2010 President. The current president has a very dynamic and committed team. I wish them all the best for the year and I am sure they will do a very good job.

As past president, my message to members and aspiring members is that JCI is key for many good opportunities in both professional and personal life. The way to access this key is by participating actively in JCI projects and activities; the more you get involved the more you achieve personally.
Long live JCI Curepipe!

Deepti Luchman
2010 JCI Curepipe Immediate Past President


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