Wakashio Oil spill

05 Nov

The wrecking of the Wakashio ship on the 25th July 2020 left a profound impact in the minds of all the Mauritians. With eyes filled with anger and frustration, we powerlessly watched the ship destroying our coral reefs. The 6th of August 2020 was a major turning point in this ship wrecked situation. Due to adverse weather conditions that night the hull of the ship broke leading to the spillage of it’s bunker fuel. Seeing the incapacity of the authorities at that time, JCI Curepipe along with other OLMs and NGO’s decided to bring little their contribution. The JCI team gave a helping hand to build some ‘boudin’, distributed food and water to the volunteers with high spirits of patriotism at Mahebourg and at Pointe D’Esny. JCI Curepipe also donated 2 tons of Coconut Husk. As active citizens we had to act upon this ecological crisis as our beautiful beaches and it’s surrounding ecosystem is an identity of our country.

Keshav Topsy

2020 Local Vice President


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