Peace Activity Day- Foyer Pere Laval

05 Nov

JCI Curepipe celebrated the World International Peace Day on 20th September 2020 by organising an activity day for children Iiving in poverty at Foyer Perein collaboration with a group of youngsters, Zeness Donn Lespwar. This peace initiative was memorable to JCI Curepipe given that we have always adopted the concept Peace is Possible in each of our projects by mobilising young people worldwide to create awareness,  advocate, take action and commit to an everlasting world peace. This activity day was
planned in accordance with a concept called E-SMART which stands for Empowering Sport Music Art Rencontre and Talent (E-SMART). The concept ensures the holistic development of children deprived of means to include these fundamental SMART elements in their lives. Our activity day was successful in creating a notion of peace in Mauritius and in the lives of these children.

Initiated in 2016, the Peace is Possible campaign stood this year at its 4th edition. Each year, there were new initiatives by the JCI members to commemorate World Peace Day, histories being presentations in secondary schools, campaigning in RHT public buses, peace walk by NGOs in 2016; collaboration with the Kids for Peace chapter international and also being the first in Indian Ocean to have this affiliation in 2017; distribution of an Inner Peace Manual in secondary schools to be adopted as part of their activity period in 2018; and the Act for Peace Week filled with peace activities each day in 2019.

Our activity day started with a small music activity to set the mood for the day. This music activity aimed at communicating a message to the children on the importance of music in one’s life and how they can adopt a path in music to discover themselves instead of falling into juvenile delinquency.

Our second activity consisted of an empowerment speech by Caporal Jocelyn from the Crime Prevention Unit whereby he delivered some key information on how children choose the wrong path of alcoholism and drugs and how they should avoid these paths. This was one of the most successful activities given that there was full participation of the kids in this interactive session.

Our next activity was led by Miss Trishya Mukool, Global Peace Ambassador, who delivered a peace presentation and initiated the art activity planned for the day. We gave the children a theme and some pencils and papers to draw and express themselves through creativity. The aim of this activity was to teach the kids how they can deal with their problems in a creative way and find peace within themselves.

Zeness Donn Lespwar and JCI Curepipe Team Members helping the kids for the Art Activity

Our last activities were the sport activity and the talent and ‘rencontre’ activity. The sport activity was led by JCI Curepipe’s Vice-President, Keshav Topsy, who organised a football match with the JCI Curepipe and Zeness Donn Lespwar Team alongside the children at Foyer Père Laval. The aim of this activity was to develop a passion for physical education in the kids and showcase the importance of exercise in their lives. We finished the day with a good dance-off between the kids in order to showcase their talents. The enthusiasm from our collaborators and our members helped make this day a successful one.


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