Message from the Senate Chair 2020 -Ryad Subratty

04 Nov

Dear Members and Senators,

The JCI Senate of Mauritius has embarked this year in the celebration of the 40 years of JCI in Mauritius with the theme Sustaining the 40 years of impact.

Within these four decades, JCI has transformed itself into an organization where members are being groomed to adopt the behavior of active citizens and focus on impact so that we become the leading network of young active citizens.

One the pressing challenges that the world is going through is climate change. The whole world, from the least developing to the most advanced country, is suffering from this phenomenon. In January this year in Lebanon, the National Presidents of JCI Africa & the Middle East have approved the JCI igreen program which encourages members of our zone to focalize their effort in actions towards climate change. As we are moving towards JCI Day, the mandate of 2020 board of directors is coming to an end while the incoming team will be preparing their plan of action 2020.

It is important and crucial that our members dedicate their efforts into uniting all sectors of the society towards the objectives of our organization. As often said, when we are alone we go fast but when we are together, we go far.

Let’s adhere to the impact strategy of JCI, let’s allow our members to move towards one future.

Ryad Subratty

2020 Senate Chair


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