Message from JCI Mauritius debate competition winner team – Sakshi Dewoo

05 Nov

Dear Readers,

Please join me for a sneak peak of my experience of the 2020 JCI Debate Championship, organised by JCI Beau Bassin Rose-Hill.

Participating in it was a truly thrilling experience. The journey, from the training sessions to the preparation of the themes to the Day, was an enriching experience and helped honed my public speaking skills.

The credit behind the win at the competition goes to the entire team, aspiring member Kooshila Saraye, member Siksha Dewoo and myself. The work had started several days before the competition. The research work was divided amongst the team members and video calls were made to replace face to face meetings.

At the competition, the topic was decided through a draw of lots and the position of the teams by the classic flip of the coin. Then, each team, the opponent and proponent had the chance to put forward their arguments and to refute.

While arguing, I could feel the adrenaline rush and the passion was tangible in the air. It was our moment to shine. It was a moment of pride to receive the best speaker award and to be part of the winning team.

It was an honour to represent my local organisation at the nation competition and I urge you all to participate in the coming years and live that same wonderful experience.

Thank you.

Sakshi Dewoo



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