Message from JCI Curepipe Local President – Kishan Rughobur

04 Nov

Dear Readers,

It is with immense pleasure that am conveying you my third quarterly message as 2020 JCI Curepipe Local President.

What a year 2020 was for all of us. Despite all the negativity around it. I’m pretty sure we have all learned something new about ourselves this year. We’ve learned to survive a deadly virus as there was a new normal for all of us. Though the situation is not yet under control overseas. We can only hope that a cure Is found as soon as possible.  

The Next few months are unpredictable, but we shall evolve and adapt to the ever-changing situations. 57 days to end this year but we should look beyond that as JCI Curepipe shall continue to be the platform that empowers our young citizens to create Positive change for many more years. My wish for future JCI Curepipe leaders is to keep this bonding between us even stronger. As the stronger we are, more Impactful we shall be. 

I would like to also seize this opportunity to express my utmost appreciation to members who remained active throughout this year and to the aspiring members who recently joined in and are already committed to our Local Organization. Your hard work, dedication and selflessness will definitely take JCI Curepipe to higher heights. I also take this opportunity to congratulate the 2021 Local Board Elect. I would request the JCI Curepipe family to bestow their blessing onto the upcoming board and help them in making JCI Curepipe shine.

Before ending this message, I would like to thank my dear board members, senators, members and aspiring members for their unconditional support till now. Special thanks to Editor-in-Chief Khausar and all contributing authors. 

I wish you all a happy reading. 

Your’s in the JCI Spirit 

Kishan Rughobur 

2020 JCI Curepipe Local President

Motto: Awakening the Youth


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