Launch of Seed Library

05 Nov

Finally! I’m so glad to pen this article. The Seed Library is our baby project which took birth during COVID-19 when we realised the importance of having a home garden. As active citizens, we needed to find a solution and tadaa while browsing on the Internet, we fell on the Seed Library – the golden goose which will help people to have vegetables and fruits in the long run.

We discussed this idea with So’flo, IKES and Sov Lanatir and they gracefully accepted to be part of this project. We implemented the Seed Library with the aim to make seeds accessible freely to everyone while also encourage people to share their part of excess seeds. This project is line with the iGreen AME whereby more plants will be planted by end of 2020.

The Seed Library will allow Mauritians and nature lovers not only to exchange seeds for free but also help in the propagation of diverse plants and  contribute in the protection of the environment and biodiversity. We are working on the implementation of Seed Libraries in other Malls.

A big thanks goes to Siksha, Lakshana, Mageshwaren, Khausar, Kooshilla, Adarsh, Dean and Daren for their hardwork and commitment to conceptualise this project and IPP Karishma, LS Satiam and LP Kishan for their unfailing support.


Hanusha Cheddy

Project Director

Green Actions



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