Recruitment session: Introduce a Buddy

05 Nov

What is Introduce a Buddy ? It’s simple! It involves pairing up an existing Member with a new-starter to help them find their feet into JCI. Think of it as giving the onboarding process a friendly human face.Back in June 2019 we organised a successful one at Plams Hotel in Quatre Bornes. This year we had to do something similar,therefore we had Introduce a Buddy 2.0 at Strike City Bagatelle. One Major reason why we do recruitment meetings is because we need a strong pool of people to helps us in projects also because membership growth is crucial for the future of the organisation.

But we tend to keep recruitment session as fun as possible because we don’t want to bombard the newcomers with JCI protocols at an early start. We measure the impact of our recruitment sessions by the number of people willing to join us afterwards. So far we’ve had a pretty good response of new aspiring members ready do dive into their JCI Career.

I would like to thank those who were present and all members for their numerous support.

Vedish Rajputty

2020 JCI Curepipe Local Vice President

Growth and Skills Development



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