Induction for 2021 Local Board Candidate

04 Nov


We are active citizens and to ensure that we continue to make impact in a sustainable way and to ensure continuity in what we do, a transfer of knowledge and sharing of good practices session with incoming board members are key to future success in achieving the JCI Mission and Vision.

Like 2020 JCI Curepipe board, next year’s board will be composed mostly of new members on the board. As such, without proper guidance, however motivated and talented you may be, you may fail in your duties.

The sharing of knowledge with incoming board members was an opportunity to introduce the incoming Board of Directors to how they should perform in each of their respective roles in the future, encouraged them to know more about the JCI Curepipe’s history and was also a platform for them to ask and clarify all concerns and queries that they had.

Over several online sessions, JCI Curepipe explored each individual role of the board.

Satiam Gokool

2020 Local Secretary


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