Best Global Awards – Planting of 2000 Endemic Aloe Plants

04 Nov

“Climate change and Biodiversity loss are no longer some far-off problems. It is happening HERE! It is happening Now! We are the last generation that can take steps to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss”

The project was initiative by JCI-curepipe in collaboration of JCI-Mauritius, Compagnie de Mont Choisy Ltee and Project de societe and it has contributed to the big project ‘Plantons 200 000 arbres’, an initiative to address current ecological issues and to build a greener Mauritius.

Empowering and educating the citizen of Mauritius, especially the youth about climate change and the necessity of preserving our biodiversity has been on the frontlines of the ‘Planting of 2000 endemic Aloe plants’ project. A series of activities, listed below, were carried to create a positive impact at national level.

  • We have embarked on this journey by running an awareness campaign; We created and shared widely a video emphasising on the impact of climate change and biodiversity loss on social media (facebook, instagrams).
  • On 15th and 16th November 2019, 1000 Aloe plants were distributed to the general public at Mont choisy Le Mall. The people were requested to either send the team a picture of the planted Aloe or post on it on Facebook with the #AloeMoris
  • Approximately 800 plants has already distributed to different ambassadors* and NGOs, like Movement anti-pollution, SAFIRE and friends of environment (from Citadelle Native Re-vegetative project).

  • A planting event was then organised on 23rd November at Mont Choisy Le Mall. We were honoured by the presence of Hon. Minister Kavydass Ramano, Minister of Environment , Solid Waste Management and climate change, Dr Jyoti Jeetun, Chief executive Officer of Compagnie de Mont Choisy Ltd (CDMC) and Mr Malenn Oodiah – President of Projet de Société.

  • 100 Aloes were planted at Mont Choisy Le Mall and Mont golf course, with several people planting an Aloe plant in their gardens in different parts of the Country on the same day. For instance, children of Residence Mere Theresa situated at Triolet have planted around 50 Aloe in their areas. Another example: Pascal Laroulette and his teams were planting 200 plants in four endemic gardens at Point aux Sables.

Locally known as mazambron marron, mazambron sauvage and socotrine du pays, Aloe purpurea (scientific name) are heavily endangered and hence an immediate action was required. Thus, through this project we expect the plant is no longer in the endangered list of Mauritius as more than 2000 have been distributed and planted. The project is expected to contribute the environment through the absorption of Green House Gases whereby a significant amount shall be absorbed in the whole lifetime of the plant.

Devina Lobine



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