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05 Nov

When plastic was mass produced in the 1907, it was a major breakthrough for humanity, at that time, people didn’t think about the consequences. I mean who would after making such a revolutionary change. Unfortunately, it was more of a death trap for the environment. The single-use or easily disposable plastic became our lifestyle as it is less expensive and most widely available product. The high of the use of plastic has led to an increasing amount of plastic-pollution around the world causing much harm to our ecosystems.

But the good news is that nowadays we have become very much aware of the disadvantages of the use of plastic and we are trying to replace plastic with linen fabric bags, glass bottles, wooden toothbrush, wooden spoon and fork, the list goes on. Even supermarkets have started using biodegradable bags. It is a great initiative towards eliminating plastic.

Unfortunately plastic will still be present in our lives in many other forms such the PVC pipes that we have at home for water purposes is a form of synthetic plastic. Another example is the plastic packaging of food that we buy from supermarkets. So this is where recycling comes into the show though not every plastic waste can be recycled like the PVC pipes. Therefore we should choose wisely while buying. Every small gesture counts.

In order to shed light on plastic pollution, we held a Facebook campaign whereby members and aspiring members of JCI Curepipe shared a selfie with their non-plastic products.

I wish to share this, in the US, more precisely in Los Angeles, they have already a Zero-Waste grocery store named tare grocery. They use glass containers as packaging. I think this is really awesome.

The link is below:

They have a video as well:


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