AGM and Election of 2021 Board of Directors

04 Nov


Although we could not do our Annual General Meeting in March as is the tradition each year because of Covid-19, JCI Curepipe held its Annual General Meeting on 29th August at Comlone restaurant situated at Nouvelle France.

It was also that time of the year where JCI Curepipe elects its board of directors for 2021.

We live in a time of radical change, overwhelming complexity and unparalleled volatility. And the 2019 Board has had a difficult year with many projects and activities being on hold. However, as active citizens we chose to find opportunities and to continue collaboration and impacting our society. And to continue the good work and for sustainability of 2019, JCI Curepipe needs strong people and true heroes. This is how we can describe the 2021 elected board.

2021 Local board Elect will surely continue to carry the burning flame set by the previous board.


Congratulation again to 2021 Board Elect:

2021 Local President Elect: Satiam Gokool

Satiam holds a Bsc(Hons) Finance and Investment from the University of Mauritius. He joined JCI Curepipe in February 2015 and swore in as a member during the Vice President visit. He became the Local Vice President in 2016, Local Treasurer in 2017 and currently the Local Secretary.

After joining JCI Curepipe in 2015, Satiam took part in many local and national activities. He was a member of TOYP 2015 to become the project director in 2017 amongst other projects. He served on both the local board (as mentioned above) and the national board as 2019 JCI Mauritius National Treasurer.

Passionate and a big introvert Satiam has been unanimously elected as 2021 JCI Curepipe Local President. His goal for 2021 is to continue the legacy of his predecessors and bring JCI Curepipe back to the top. The 2021 Presidential motto is “Choose Outstanding” because he believes we have to prepare ourselves, for the future is uncertain and whenever we have a choice to make in times of uncertainty, to always choose be the best version of ourselves, to act in the interest of the organization… to choose to be outstanding. Am I ready to be your president? NO… but I can choose to make every day count and ensure you have the best experience as members… I choose to be OUTSTANDING!!! Being a member of JCI Curepipe is already proof of you being an outstanding person. Don’t stop there!!

2021 Local Secretary Elect: Hanusha Cheddy

Heya, I’m Hanusha Cheddy.

Thank you for placing your confidence in my abilities to assume the post of 2021 Local Secretary.

My JCI journey began in 2018 and as a new member I tried to make the most of what came into my way. JCI is the tool which honed my skills and contributed in making me a better version of myself. I’m grateful for the opportunities I bagged as the 2019 Marketing Director and 2020 Green Actions Project Director.

Next year is around the corner and I look forward to more actions, impacts, connections and brotherhood and fun moments! (this goes without saying).

2021 Local Vice President Elect: Dwijesh Appiah


Dwijesh Appiah is completing his Bachelor in Computer Science and Network Security and currently working as a Network Analyst at Emtel. He resides at Chapel Lane, L’escalier.

After joining JCI Curepipe in July 2019, he was in the organizing team of JCI Day 2019, Personal Branding (training) and became the Marketing Director 2020 whereby the JCI Curepipe visibility increased since the creation of the new LinkedIn profile. He is also currently overseeing the new JCI Curepipe website which is due to be launched before the end of the year. Now I would like to take a step forward to boost my leadership and public speaking skills, so being a board member will allow me to develop both.

2021 Local Vice President Elect: Daren Rungiah

Daren Rungiah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management minor Business Informatics. He is an entrepreneur working in the field of import and distribution. He resides at Curepipe, Mauritius.

He served as the 2020 JCI Curepipe Partnership and Twinning Director.

After joining JCI Curepipe in 2019, Daren took part in many local, national and international activities. He was the project director of the regional twinning project. He further led a series of webinars during Covid-19 collaborating with more than 10 countries. He was also the Project Director of the 2020 JCI Mauritius Public Speaking Championship.

Big THANKS to 2019 Local President Karishma and 2019 Local Board Members along with 2020 Local President Kishan and 2020 Local Board Members.





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