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05 Nov

Aspiring Member – Kooshilla Saraye

I am a human resource and youth development practitioner. I have a passion for project management as well. I have a strong sense of purpose and commitment to make change happen. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive for results and believe in continuous learning, diversity and inclusion as well as integrity and accountability in order to achieve organizational goals. I have the ability to think strategically and provide credible leadership to the people I work with. I strongly believe in youth empowerment and emancipation. I have been working with the public sector as well as the private sector in Mauritius and internationally for more than 7 years. I am constantly working towards the Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Engagement of young people around the world, more importantly in Mauritius and the African Continent as part of both my professional and community work. I am currently working as Human Resource Associate at the Youth Division of the African Union Commission.

I joined JCI as a way to work towards community development as I firmly believe that young people are the key to unleashing a better future and will contribute to a brighter Mauritius. Furthermore, I aim to develop my own skills through continuous learning.  


Aspiring Member -Mageshwaren Govinden

Am Mageshwaren Govinden, a banker for the past 8 years with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Banking and Financial Services from University of Mauritius. I came to know about JCI from my lecturer. As an aspiring member, I am determined and keen to contribute to accomplish numerous projects with the JCI family.

‘Vision without action is merely a dream, Action without vision just passes the time and Vision with action can change the world’ is one of my favorite quotes.

I am a person who is very dynamic and who strives to makes things happen and move forward. I hope that my help shall be helpful and contribute for a better society.


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