2020 Most Outstanding Local President for Africa and The Middle East

04 Nov

C’est grace a vous que j’existe!

Dear JCI Curepipe Family,

I dedicate this award to each one of you. First of all, thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve and lead the organisation during one of the most challenging year. Your belief and support always motivated me to aim for more and our brotherhood prevails over anything else.  I have had the unfailing support and unflinching commitment of my local board members; Siksha Dewoo, Sakshi Dewoo, Krish-Nee Poorun, Kishan Rughobur and my predecessor Yudhish Rohee. Together, we have woven initiatives, set up foundations and been excelling in every pillar of JCI. Today, I am more proud of how the 2019 Local Board Members are supporting the current and incoming board than over any award won. Their empowerment, growth and development are celebrated above all.

I have joined JCI Curepipe in 2016 under the leadership of an outstanding president, Viloshna Sonoo. She has moulded me into a jaycee. Least did I know that I would be walking her steps three years after. I am also grateful to Senator Veenandi Lallah who was always one call away whenever I needed guidance. She was the one motivating me when I lacked self confidence. I would like to thank her for believing in me and encouraging me to take up this lifetime opportunity. Mentored by my predecessors, I hope that I have left my legacy for the organisation for years to come.

Tears tinkle in my eyes for I am away from my second family. But I do cherish the bonding built with each and everyone of you, getting to know you personally, working on projects, excelling together and memories for life.

Thank you JCI Curepipe for making the best out of me.

Karishma Ansaram

2019 Local President

Motto: Create Your Opportunities



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