2020 Most Oustanding Local Organisation for Africa and The Middle East

04 Nov

Yes! We did it!

The announcement took all of us by surprise. Each one of us felt a belongingness to the award for we did it as a team, as a family. We certainly could not confine this excitement of not only winning the Most Outstanding Local Organisation award but also bagging two awards namely for the Most Outstanding Local President and the Best Global Goals Project along with three other nominations. As success is raining on us, it is also an opportunity to reflect on what is the secret behind making us outstanding. 

JCI Curepipe is an organisation that has been showing resilience and sustainability throughout the years. We have learnt from our predecessors, we have heard our new members and then we moulded the organisation at its best.  Our DNA is play hard and party hard. Our uniqueness lies in the brotherhood that prevails in the organisation. This success is not solely about the year 2019, but dates to the couple of years when we have been wearing the hat of the Most Outstanding Local Organisation in Mauritius. We have been culminating on the progress of projects, growing our active membership and boldly took up the challenge to host 2019 JCI Africa and The Middle East Conference. The ride during the past few years has been a roller coaster one with the conference preparation, but each one of us saw the best version of ourselves in making the conference and contributing to its success. 

The tribute of this award goes to our past presidents and their board members who have contributed to taking JCI Curepipe to next level and we’ve reached international. One thing that we learnt in JCI is that, we don’t do anything alone, it is always a teamwork. We have witnessed growth of projects, our members participation which resulted as nominations of our members and projects for Africa and The Middle East awards.

JCI Curepipe has lot to offer, it is indeed a platform of opportunities and above all a family that will give you the warmth of friendship and brotherhood. We are confident that the coming years will witness more successes from our organisation. 

Long live our brotherhood!

Long Live JCI Curepipe!





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