Team Building- Nu ale popom Pomponette

05 Apr

Our first team building was held on 23rd February 2020. It all started in the morning where the first pick up point was Shoprite Trianon and the last one was Riviere des Anguilles. During our way to the last pick up point we discovered a village called Batimarais where the people there are still washing clothes in the river. Going through the villages and seeing the traditional practices brought memories for all of us.

Arriving at Pomponette, we first of all grab some snacks and started our activities. The weather was fine. Later on we had lunch, then we have done some mimics and minor games for bonding. The mimics made us laugh a lot and experiencing different talents of our members. Around 16.00 hrs it was time to go home. We took very good memories and as usual we are excited to organize similar event next time.

I would like to thank everyone who was present for the team building. A special thanks goes to Lakshana Sumboo and IPP Karishma Ansaram. Lastly I would like to thank the Local President Kishan Rughobur for his usual cooperation.

Vedish Rajputty

2020 Local Vice President


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