Sports Club-Zumba Session

05 Apr

Zumba?A Sunday morning? Oh No!

Got a call “hello Diksha, where are you? Are you coming?” On that soothing bed  not being a morning person, I exclaimed, while being doubtful: “yes yes I will come”

We reached the gym, passed by people already undertaking their routine workout ; some on the treadmill, some using the dumbbells, exercise bikes and to mention a few to reach the Zumba session. The coach and the students welcomed us and we started.

Despite the sleepy mood of a Sunday morning, the Zumba session  awakened every part of me. Indeed,after one month of barely any workout done, it was high time to get energised. Even if you think you can’t dance, it make you get loose and DANCE LIKE THERE IS NO ONE WATCHING.I quickly notice that my stress level got reduced and my energy levels rising.

I can best describe Zumba dancing as something for everyone — all shapes, sizes, male and femalr of any age too. Zumba allows you to have fun while safely losing pounds and inches! Thank you JCI Curepipe for the “party yourself into shape”. A good boost and initiative to keep JCI members energy levels high and staying healthy.


Diksha Beehary

2020 Local President

JCI Beau Bassin/Rose Hill



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