Recognitions for 2019 at Local Level

05 Apr

2019 has been a year whereby JCI Curepipe has embarked on several initiatives and has witnessed the peak in engagement from its Members and Aspiring Members. To motivate and recognise members, we hosted an award ceremony at local level in order to keep the spirit high. We invite you to read more from the award winners from different categories.

Most Participative Board Member for 2019- Siksha Dewoo

The year 2019 has been a unique year with a step forward in my JCI career, my first experience as a local board member as Local Vice President. Being recognised as best local board member was something that I could not even fathom at the start of the year. The experience has been similar to that of a roller-coaster ride, with ups and downs, and would have been iimpossible without the support of my fighter local president and amazing board members of 2019. They have supported me throughout the year and was present in every challenges we had faced, especially with the AMEC where we had to channel most our resources for the first half of the year.  My aim as a LVP was to always support my LP and board members but also do my best to contribute to the community through our projects. Being in the post of LVP, I received the greatest opportunity to give back to my local organisation and the community by being involved in all projects. It was an eventful year which bore its fruits at the end with all the memories we have to cherish and being recognised locally as best local board member was just like a cherry on the cake.


Most Participative Member for 2019- Krish-Nee Poorun

My journey in JCI started in March 2016. At end of the last year, I was awarded as JCI Curepipe Most Participative Member. For sure to win this title, this has not been an easy ride, instead a challenging learning path throughout since the start. 

 2019 for sure will always stay the most memorable year for my JCI Journey where I got the opportunity to attend my very first JCI Africa and the Middle Conference and JCI World Congress.  More I also got the opportunity to direct my first National Project.

JCI will always contin

ue to encourage new blood to join as we continue to provide and maintain a platform that empowers young active citizens to do things differently by bringing a different change in their surrounding and contributing to make a difference.

Working on several different projects, and being exposed to several different stakeholders, any JCI member will agree that with time we just becoming a better person, we are all growing how to be better active citizen.  Given our different experiences in dealing with subject differently and with all various set of skills of each member, together we do our best to attempt to tackle those circumstances to bring positive change.

The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them. For certain reason, I had choose to  occupy the post of Recruitment Director last year, which was mainly focus on recruiting new members and ensure continuity of current members.

For those targeting to achieve this title for year 2020, I would like to tell them to stay determined and passionate about every little thing they are contributing.

My grateful thanks to 2019 JCI Curepipe Board Members, Members, Aspiring members, Past Presidents who have supported me since the start.

Let’s all be guided by our JCI Mission and Vision and be model of Active Citizen in anything we are doing.



Most Participative New Member for 2019- Keshav Topsy

Winning the best new member was honestly a surprise for me as i never expected to win that award, I expected someone else to win is as i always saw other members giving their everything for the organisation, unbeknownst to me i was also part of those working hard for the organization,i just did not realise it at the time and i was not aware of that because it was such a pleasure for me to be part of that marvelous organisation and being part of so many projects that were creating impact in the society, helping others and changing society and ourselves along the way. I didn’t not set it as a goal to be the best new member, as a matter of fact i was even unaware that we could receive those awards. Working on JCI projects, attending meetings and team buildings became part of my daily routine and even something i looked forward to, being an active citizen became part of who i was.




Most Participative Director for 2019-Hanusha Cheddy

It was a huge honour for me to be recognised as the Best Director. I believe that the intention and eagerness to create positive impacts lead me to this recognition. My appointment as the Marketing Director was a turning point in JCI. I learnt and developed new skills which made me a better person professionally and personally. Engaging with members, senators and aspiring members for the different campaigns was very enriching for me. It was not only about JCI Curepipe’s projects but also supporting and learning from other local organizations and JCI Mauritius. I believe in the motto ‘Live in the present’ which is about grabbing the opportunitues which life present and making the most out of it. Last but not least, my gratitude goes to the 2019 Local President Karishma for her invaluable support throughout the year.


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