Message of 2020 Local Board Members

05 Apr

2020 Local Secretary Satiam Gokool

Greetings to everyone from your very own Local Secretary!!

Another chance to serve JCI Curepipe? Count me in.

To be honest, I have assumed the post of secretary, only once, when I first joined JCI Curepipe and it was when the project secretary was absent. This was my very first experience as secretary and let me tell you, the project director never got a full-fledged minutes of meeting. The rest is history.

I know I may not be the best local secretary, but I believe this is what JCI is all about, giving development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. This is what I have been learning all the years that I have been in this organization. You fail and you learn! As some of the more experienced sometimes says: “JCI is a school of life”. This school is always up for admission. Do drop us a message if you want to join our amazing organization.


2020 Local Treasurer Kusoom Dewoo

when taking up this post the  3 words that summarised a successful year for me was : Motivation, willingness and consistency.

The work of the treasurer is most certainly to handle the financials of the organisation which also makes me accountable for the latter, however, not limited to only that. Together with being a local treasurer, I stand on my duties as a local board member and believe in contributing in ever aspect of the local organisation and giving mu utmost support to my local president and other board members.

This year is an exceptional year with a global pandemic with no precedent, it is definitely taking a toll on all of us, but is also helping us realise that the world does need us to survive us, it is us who needs the world. This has definitely encouraged me to work harder and also makes me feel previleged to be part of the board members, whereby I believe I can give back to my community even more.


2020 Local Vice President Keshav Topsy

Being local vice president of JCI Curepipe has been a challenging journey  but one of my top five achievements in life so far. Being a board member is making me grow as a person,learn new things and also made me realise what i lacked but so far it has been a very enriching experience. I learnt how to effectively delegate work,how to motivate members to work on projects,how to deal with diverging opinions from different board members and so much more and despite my failures on parts of my duties, i am as motivated as ever to accomplish great things as a board member. I would highly recommend that every member takes up a position as board member during his/her journey with JCI and experience the numerous challenges, opportunities,and good time we share with our JCI family.


2020 Local Vice President Vedish Rajputty

First of all I would like to thank JCI Curepipe for giving me the opportunity and trust to become a board member for this year. As Local Vice President, I am responsible for recruitment and retention my primary goal is to increase the number of members which is line with our motto- Awakening the Youth. In this context, the recruitment shall be an ongoing process during the whole year. Concerning the retention, we are having training during year which will help members not only in JCI career but also in professional career. We are also looking into more team building activities and a well established mentoring programme.



2020 Immediate Past President Karishma Ansaram

Stepping into the shoes of Past President is a big leap that one has to take. My role has changed from being the driver of the organisation to a mentor to others. 2019 has been an enriching one whereby a lot of initiatives have been implemented and this year with the new decade, new team and new action plan, we are looking forward to continuity on our long term projects but also innovating on our way of doings. I am proud to see how the local board is performing this year and the engagement of JCI Curepipe members and aspiring members especially during the covid-19 confinement. My main aim for this year is to ensure grooming, empowerment of members so as to ensure succession for coming years. I also wish that the brotherhood within our JCI family always prevail.



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