Message of 2020 JCI Curepipe Local President-Kishan Rughobur

05 Apr

Dear Jaycees,

Greetings from your President,

On the 1st of January 2020, I officially took position as the Local President of JCI Curepipe. I surely had my doubts what 2020 had in store and whether I will be able to fill the shoes of my predecessors or not. We consecrated the first few weeks of 2020 for intensive planning as we board members wanted to have a clear vision where we want to lead the organisation, and indeed we managed to craft a beautiful plan derived from the 2020 plan of action. Little did we know what was coming, Covid-19.

Unfortunately we had to cancel all of our upcoming actives until further notice due to the Pandemic. But as in line with our 2020 Motto ‘Awakening The Youth’, that did not led our youth to be dormant, but instead many of our JCI Curepipe members and aspiring members came up with various actives we could organised online via our Facebook Page. Where we still engaged with people in the community despite the confinement. We will continue to rise no matter what, because this is who we are. We are a movement of young active citizens and nothing in the world should be able to alter that.

In these uncertain times know that you, your family, your friends, and your colleagues are in our thoughts. we’re all facing a long and challenging list of unknowns. We’re both gaining and losing visibility on what our new reality is each day. Nevertheless Let us focus on what’s next. Let’s turn these challenges into opportunities. let’s continue doing what we are good at. That is bring positive change.

Once this phase is behind us, I rely heavily on your support to make JCI Curepipe shine again. We have so much more to do. i will end by saying a Huge thank you to the Editorial Team for issuing this first edition of Jaycee Eye 2020. Have a good read beautiful Jaycees.

Stay Safe

Your’s in the JCI Spirit

Kishan Rughobur 
2020 JCI Curepipe Local President 

‘Awakening the Youth’ 


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