Message from 2020 JCI Mauritius Senate Chairperson- Ryad Subratty

05 Apr

Dear Members and Senators,

At the time I am writing this article, my sincere wish is that all of you are staying safe and healthy.

The World Health Organization’s rapid response to the coronavirus is isolation to break the chain of contamination and social distancing for those who have to go out in absolute necessity.

Our Government took the steps that they deemed necessary, one more unpopular than the other, but we have to understand that in a period of global crisis, certain actions taken are sometimes on a trial basis. However as JCI Members and active citizens, we have to help enforce the measures taken and help in finding needs-based solutions to be implemented for our community.

For all Local Presidents, National President and myself, we found ourselves in such a situation that we had to stop all our activities. It is now high time for us with our board to re-gear our actions for the rest of our mandate. Despite, we are living a historic time of lock down, we only have one year to lead.

JCI Curepipe has done a fantastic job with the implementation of the project neighbourhood watch, a project executed using the ACF methodology. In this project, JCI Curepipe has built up a network while uniting all sectors of the society. It is now time to use this network in order to extend our ideas, proposals and ways in which the organization can remain active.

Even in isolation, we should still act as active citizens with   a sharp sense of responsibility.

It is mentioned by the UNICEF that in times of high anxiety, it is normal that people are worried since their life changes overnight. During disease outbreaks, it is however more important to stay safe, spread kindness and support each other.

We hope and pray that we go through this difficult period and that the harmony of the world is reestablished in the near future.

Best JCI Regards,

Ryad Subratty
2020 JCI Mauritius Senate Chairperson


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