Message from 2020 JCI Mauritius National President- Franchette Emilien

05 Apr

Dear JCI Members,


On 24th November 2019 I was elected National President of JCI Mauritius, but of course this journey did not start there. The adventure started more than a decade ago and it gives me great pleasure to serve JCI Mauritius as National President to start a new decennium. I am equally blessed and privileged because the members have demonstrated their trust and confidence in my abilities and leadership.

As we transition into a new year setting new resolutions, JCI Mauritius has come up with a new action plan that contains several strategic priorities that will enable us to reach our strategic position where JCI unites all sectors of the society to create sustainable impact. 2020 will not only be the year where we will bridge the gap between the vision and reality. It will be a year where we will unite to serve and make the change.

However, we are facing unprecedented times ahead with the COVID-19 outbreak. The world, including Mauritius is facing many challenges and uncertainties. JCI is having to cancel or postpone its activities. People are losing their lives, families are in tears and believe me when I say that this situation is breaking my heart.

JCI is the organization that provides the adequate platform that enables our members to deploy their sense of active citizenship and turn challenges into opportunities. Over several decades, our members have made tremendous efforts in the development of communities that have positively impacted our citizens and our society at large. We encourage you to be cognizant of the situation we find ourselves in. Observe security measures as advised by relevant authorities/ organisations. Be as selfless as possible and help where you can in your community. And most importantly, during the national confinement period.


Long live JCI Mauritius

Franchette Emilien
2020 JCI Mauritius National President
Motto: United We Serve. United We Make the Change


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