Meet 2019 JCI Mauritius Most Outstanding New Member-Hanusha Cheddy

05 Apr

2019 JCI Mauritius Most Outstanding New Member Hanusha Cheddy

  1. How did you discover JCI?

I learnt about JCI through Senator Nousrina, a great colleague and guide! At work, she was always telling us about the amazing conferences, sustainable projects and how JCI developed her skills. My first encounter with JCI was in July 2018 through the contest ‘Take on the Challenge: 21 Days, 21 Green Actions’ where I shared the green actions I adopt in my daily life on JCI Curepipe’s Facebook page and was invited for the award ceremony. At the end of the event, I knew that this is where I belong! I joined in as aspiring member just after and swore in as member in December 2018.

  1. What is that one thing that marked you in JCI so far?

Brotherhood!! It prevails at local level, national level and international level. I got many opportunities to bond and learn from members of local, national and international organizations. The 2019 JCI Africa and The Middle East Conference put meaning to ‘brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations’ where I made friends with members of different nationalities, embraced different cultures and also learnt new words. Like ‘Come chop’ which means ‘come, eat with me’ in the Nigerian slang!

  1. Tell us about your engagement in 2019 as JCI Mauritius Most Outstanding New Member?

2019 had been a great year for me in JCI where I learnt and discovered a lot. As the 2019 Marketing Director, I planned and executed campaigns with the aim to recruit new members and reignite the willingness of inactive members to serve the organization. The campaign ‘JCI Taught Me’ which ran on Facebook and Instagram successfully attracted new members into the organization. Also, I did a Children’s Right awareness campaign on the World Childrens’ Day which raised our profile at the local and international level. I was always thinking about creative campaigns to raise the bar and set the trend. The distribution of Mazambron plants project helped me to build media relations, respond to journalists’ queries and also got new platforms to promote JCI projects.

I helped out and supported the projects and events of JCI Curepipe, other local organization and also that of National level. I was the master of ceremony for the Peace day celebrations, Ghana country manager for 2019 AMEC, Co-master of ceremony for Patriotic Night for 2019 AMEC, member of Events committee for 2019 AMEC, hostess for gala night for 2019 AMEC, member of Social Inclusion of Disabled Individuals, member of neighborhood watch, Hostess for visit of 2019 VP Séverin Poaty, Editor in Chief of 2019 3rd Edition of Jaycee Eye.

  1. Any message for our new joiners?

We all joined JCI for the very same reason ‘Create positive change’ and let the same reason guides you throughout your journey. JCI is the platform providing you with development opportunities, skills enhancement and making you a better version of yourself. Hoping that you will make the most out of every opportunity, I wish you a fruitful JCI journey.


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