Meet 2019 JCI Mauritius Most Outstanding Local President-Karishma Ansaram

05 Apr

2019 JCI Mauritius Most Outstanding Local President-Karishma Ansaram

Tell us about your journey in JCI?

My JCI Journey started in late 2015 as an aspiring member and joined in as member during 2016 JCI Vice President Visit in March 2016. I must confess that I am grateful to the opportunities that JCI has offered to me until now. In March 2016, I was given the opportunity to lead the Peace is Possible Campaign at local level. Though I was new to project implementation, team work, stakeholders’ engagement, I defied the odds and delivered several initiatives under this banner. The remarkable one was the Peace Walk organized in collaboration with Municipality of Curepipe, Brahma Kumari and other NGOs in Curepipe region. I also attended the 2016 JCI AMESA Summit and helped out in organization of workshop on Entrepreneurship under the guidance of Senator Salim. The JCI ‘Virus’ didn’t take long to hit me. In late 2016, I moved to Edinburgh for further studies.

In 2017, I was very much engaged with JCI Edinburgh, especially on their fortnightly Charlotte Square Club and their first Friday drinks held monthly. I also supported their social projects and graduated from JCI Presenter in Edinburgh. In late 2017, I came back to Mauritius from my studies and expressed my interest to be on board 2018 as Local Vice President. I supervised the community projects as well as recruitment of members, two core pillars of an organization and I must say we all saw the results of the strategies adopted. We recruited and empowered new members who served on board 2019. And the rest of the Journey as from 2019, you will find out below!

One year to lead. Would you say that it has been enough to accomplish what you plan?

More than enough, I would say. Leading a local organization is one of the best experiences that one could have. 2019 started with a lot of uncertainties as hosting Local President of 2019 JCI Africa and The Middle East Conference especially the finance part was a roller coaster.  While most of our experienced members were held up on core team as COC Directors, I had to strategically supply the committees with manpower. We had more than 70% of our members and aspiring members working on the conference committees. However, the local board made sure that we did not suffer in terms of project. Strategically once again, we kept the strategic planning session, trainings, recruitment for first quarter and when the conference was over, we rolled out the community projects.

To summarise, I would confess that I had already considered 2019 a success when the 22 Members out of 30 members from JCI Curepipe attended the conference and helped out day and night for a week. I still remember most of us were staying together in a villa and how I would pressurize them to be on time despite having only few hours of sleep. It was very encouraging to see members and aspiring members helping out.  All the initiatives that were implemented post conference was cherry on the cake for which I will forever be proud of. The list is long, I would invite you to read ‘ Glimpse of 2019 under the motto Create Your Opportunities’.

Why did you choose the motto ‘create your opportunities’?

I always believed in opportunities given that they have a lot to offer to one. However, in a world where competitiveness is on the rise, where people is resting on the status quo, I have chosen this motto so as every active citizen can relate to it. It can motivate them to defy the odds and to create their own opportunity to outshine and impact. And I would say, when we reflect on 2019, the motto suited us perfectly and we did honour it by coming up with innovative ideas.  2019 was that train that made sure that no one was left out on the platform!  We all embarked on the wagon of success and to take our organization to higher level.

How did JCI changed you for a better person?

Four years down the line, JCI has contributed a lot in my life. First of all, I discovered an extrovert version of myself by getting on different projects. With each new role, there is a new version of myself as an active citizen. Believe me it only gets more engaging but more rewarding as well. Never before, have I imagined interacting with diverse sectors of the society, Ministries, NGOs, youths, international organization and more. JCI is a second family to me and I know I can always rely on members for their support. I would also like to thank Senator Veenandi Lallah for her unconditional support and for believing in me. She has had a lot of contribution in empowering me as a leader.

Any message for our members?

I would recommend our members to definitely take up the role of a board member in their JCI journey. There is no better legacy that one can leave than grooming and empowering more new members for long term sustainability in the organization.  This is one contribution that I would like each member to make so as even if they are no longer part of the organization, they have a legacy, they have been a mentor, they have ensured succession. To end, JCI is a platform of opportunities, seize every opportunity that comes into your way.



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