Covid 19-Social Projects

05 Apr

COVID-19 has been declared a global health emergency. As the global crisis progresses, it is becoming increasingly clear that containing the pandemic depends on the understanding and cooperation of each individual and that some people are much more vulnerable and at risk of being left behind, due to health and social factors such as previous illnesses and age as well as work, contractual and housing situations. This growing understanding of the situation seems to have kick-started a new wave of social commitment in the spirit of solidarity and humanity and JCI Curepipe has not been left behind to join this wave.

As part of our social engagement, we have embarked on two initiatives which is about helping small farmers with supply of vegetables and the vulnerable families.

Support to Small Farmers

Farmers markets have long served as a way to increase food access in Mauritius and support small farmers. However, since the beginning of the lockdown they have faced unprecedented measures of lack of mobility to their farms, reduced manpower and above all, restricted access to the customers. On the other hand, the supermarkets being the only commercials operating were facing a dearth of vegetable supplies and couldn’t cater for customers needs. While the farmers had the supply, the demand was there, there was a need for a mean to connect both stakeholders. Thus, JCI Curepipe collaborated with Veg Analyzer, a platform where small farmers produce could be listed and customers residing in their communities could reach out to them for prompt supply. We offered help by marketing and promoting this platform and also assisted some 50 farmers to list their produce.

Food Baskets for Vulnerable Families

As you are all aware, the lockdown has been extended till 4th May 2020 and there are still many people and families who still are having difficulty to get food and support during this difficult period due to the confinement which unfortunately is a necessity if we want to flatten the curve.

Eglises Chretiennes Ocean Indien (ECOI) has been helping the needy people by providing guidance, support and food in most regions of the island through its network of volunteers (more details on the project, see attached). We, as active citizen, are always willing to help as many people as possible navigate this difficult time we are all facing. That is why JCI Curepipe in collaboration with ECOI request your helping hand. How you ask? Through the following:

  • Sharing is caring

We are encouraging people to donate perishable and/or non-perishable products including safety materials such masks. By completing this form here, depending on your location, ECOI will distribute them in the regions in which they operate and the regions needing them the most (see attached a list where they operate).

  • Sponsor a meal

We are also making a call for cash donations to be made to our JCI Curepipe MCB Bank Account (000010253173) till the 4th of May. Since we are aiming to buy food packs in supermarkets which can cater for a family of at least 3 people, kindly make all donations in tranches of Rs500 minimum and quoting #Covid19. For transparency purposes, a report will be presented when the project ends detailing all money received and disbursed.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one” © Mother Theresa


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