Behind The Door Campaign

05 Apr

The government of Mauritius has declared a confinement as from 20th March 2020. JCI Curepipe has brought up a way to connect with its members and the community via Facebook by creating an event called Behind the Door. It is a campaign where we allowed the public to express themselves on activities that they are doing at home. It is a way for everyone to be engaged.

There are many activities which are being done under this concept.

  • On the 25th March 2020, we had an activity at 16.00hrs where, we all had the tea breaks at the same time. We all posted a picture of having tea at home. Some of us had cakes, masala tea, bread and so on.
  • Our second initiative was on Stay Positive, we invited people to post on a quote and to tag friends so as to spread positivity around. We got good response from it.
  • Our third initiative was hosting two online working sessions whereby members and aspiring members joined us. This helped to bond amongst ourselves and to reconnect while staying fit.
  • On 30th March 2020, we hosted a live mental health talk on how to cope with the confinement by Psychologist Vidhi Beekaroo. Through this live session, our guest speaker has been able to provide useful tips and also answered queries of our viewers on facebook.


I would like to thanks everyone for their daily posting on the event page. A special thanks goes to Marketing Director Dean Appiah and IPP Karishma Ansaram. Lastly, I would like to thank the Local President Kishan Rughobur for his usual cooperation.


Stay Home! Stay Safe!

Thanks and Best Regards

Vedish Rajputty

2020 Local Vice President


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