Awards Won at National Level in 2019

05 Apr

2019 has been one of the most challenging yet full of opportunity year for JCI Curepipe. We have first of all successfully implemented the third regional conference in Mauritius, 2019 JCI Africa and The Middle East Conference under the leadership of COC Director Lokhesh Ujhodha. The first half of the year was taken up in conference organising and we had most of our manpower on different committees. Post conference, it was important to keep up the high spirit of JCI Curepipe and we thereby rolled out community and individual development projects. Our community engagement had strengthened through implementation of Neighbourhood Watch in Engrais Martial, affiliation of two more Kids for Peace Chapters, Needs Analysis of our Green Actions project and distribution of 2000 aloe endemic plants. We had put emphasis on recruitment of new members and also to reconnect with our past presidents through meet up and 35th Anniversary celebrations. We invested in recruitment tools such as Introduce A Buddy, JCI Taught Me Campaign and Recruitment Drive and made our members ambassador for recruitment. As part of growth strategy, trainings were organised based on our members’ needs namely, research methods training, negotiation and pitching, project director’s grooming session and personal branding. One to One breakfast with mentors was organised. We have reconnected with our twinning chapters JCE Saint Denis and JCI Vohitr’Iarivo through a multi-twinning project. JCI Curepipe recognised three new senators; Senator Veenandi Lallah, Senator Heveen Sharma Kejiou and Senator Lokhesh Ujhodha.

2019 ended beautifully with JCI Curepipe winning the following awards during JCI Active Citizens Day celebrated on 7th December 2019 at Mont Choisy Golf Restaurant:

  1. Most outstanding Local Organisation- for the 4th Consecutive year
  2. Most Outstanding Local President- Karishma Ansaram
  3. Most Outstanding New Member- Hanusha Cheddy
  4. Best Long Term community program- E Neighbourhood Watch
  5. Best Local Project- E Neighbourhood Watch
  6. Best Local Personal Skills and Development Programme- Unlocking Leadership Potential
  7. Best Local Growth and Development Program-We Grow Together
  8. Best Global Goals Project- Planting 2000 Endemic Aloe Plants
  9. Best Inter Organisation Collaboration- Indian Ocean Multi Twinning Project
  10. Best Local Peace Project- Act for Peace Week
  11. Highest 100% Efficiency point

 We would like to extend our gratitude to our members, senators and aspiring members for their commitment and for taking JCI Curepipe to newer heights.

Karishma Ansaram

2020 Immediate Past President



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