Message from 2019 JCI Mauritius Senate Chairperson- Nousrina Peerbux

05 Nov

Dear Readers,

It’s Appraisal Time!

As we are bringing down the curtain on 2019, most of us are ready to embrace our JCI Philosophy to ‘Be Better’ and start evaluating the year while planning for next one.

A few of us will be hard on ourselves, analyzing each situation and settling for harsh recommendations while some will be supple, finding  excuses or scapegoat for the setbacks. How to find the right balance in this process? Is there a right balance? We are conscious that our approach may vary based on our willingness to learn and grow, on our personal or JCI goals and evidently on our degree of self-criticism.

I am no expert in such things but based on my experience, I can share with you that in every single thing you do, you are choosing a direction, thus transforming your life as a product of choices.  You are free to choose but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.  Some may call it karma, others will say outcomes, but the most important fact is that there are always consequences to your actions. Therefore, before you act, make sure you are prepared to accept them.

This notion was mentioned a few weeks ago, when I have had the marvelous opportunity to attend the 35 years celebrations of JCI Curepipe. While listening to the remarkable stories and sharing from the past Local Presidents present at the event, we could all appreciate the fact that the accomplishments of your local organization have proved to be a journey, not a destination.

They all justly pointed out an important aspect of JCI, that it is an organization where self-interest does not have its place. On behalf of JCI Mauritius Senate, I would like to once again send my heartfelt wishes to all members, senators and aspiring members of JCI Curepipe for 35 years of impact and wish that the organization always remain a “no self-interest” zone.

Allow me also to congratulate the 2020 Local President Elect Kishan and elected 2020 Local Board members for stepping into new roles and responsibilities. 2019 has been marked by the area conference. We wish you an even more fantastic year. Moreover, 36 is magical number! You may take the challenge of using this number as an impact indicator, i.e. 36 members attending a training or 36 youngsters reached through a JCI activity or why not, 36 new members recruited in year 36! J We wish you impact, grow and to be remain true to our JCI values.

I have to conclude by thanking once again Local President Karishma and the newsletter team for offering me the opportunity of sharing a few words with the readers of JCI Curepipe’s newsletter. The 2019 Local President and her board members have to be appreciated for the fantastic job done in bonding and networking.

As this is my last message as Senate Chairperson, I seize this occasion to thank all senators of JCI Curepipe for their support during my mandate. You have shown me that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Have a blessed 2020 and remain true to your JCI values.


Nousrina Peerbux

2019 JCI Mauritius Senate Chairperson



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