Aspiring Members’ Corner

05 Nov

Dwijesh Appiah

The real world starts outside our comfort zone. I, Dwijesh Latchayya Appiah, prospective computer scientist, sit in front of lines of codes most of the day and wondering how can I optimize those lines. Then at the beginning of last year, it came to my mind, instead of just trying to improve my work, what if I try to improve myself and see if it could help me think outside the box. I started with an NGO called “nu tou ensam” followed by some volunteering at the Chinmayya Mission Mauritius. From the stand point of a self-focused guy, it was really new to try something for others, help people without waiting them to ask for help and it was more about “what I can do to bring a positive change in other’s life? “. Looking to expand my horizons, I came to know about JCI by a friend and without any second thought I wanted to know more about JCI. Finally I joined this family as an aspiring member in August 2019. While working on different projects, I am learning a lot and now I can confirm for sure JCI is the platform that I was looking for. “Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person. Be faithful in small things because it is them that your strength lies.” – Mother Teresa – and those lines should awake all our youth.


Deeveshwar Kedun

August 2019 it was, when i became part of the JCI family as an aspiring Jaycee. At first glance, i wanted to join JCI because it felt more of a family rather than just an organisation. Then, i was triggered by the extent to which you guys were involved in the making of a better society!

The fact that JCI knows how to identify the core of a problem and remediate it through effective solutions made it a must for me to join such an impactful team.

There is no better place for youngsters to discover themselves while acquiring skills than in serving others and helping the construction of a beautiful society…


Wasiim Gukhool

My name is Wasiim Gukhool, a fresh graduate in BSc (Hons) Applied Computing from the University of Mauritius. I am a young technology passionate, mostly in the analysis and IT application side.

I came to know about JCI through the Volunteer Recruitment Drive program back in August 2019. Neighborhood watch project was one of the initiatives and ongoing projects which impressed me a lot. I got the opportunity to participate in the Multi Twinning Project in October.

As an aspiring member and from another angle, as part of the JCI family, I wish to contribute by fighting for a better tomorrow for the coming generations. I am keen to work on several projects with other team members who share the same vision as a cohesive and enthusiastic team. I also believe that JCI is a platform where one can grow as better individual.


Vandanum Rogini Mauree

My name is Vandanum Rogini Mauree.  I am 21 years old and currently studying law at the University of Mauritius.

I learnt about JCI from my classmate via Facebook and I have joined as an aspiring member in October 2019.  I have been motivated to be part of JCI since I am passionate about social activities, develop my communication skills and to acquire many other skills.  Moreover, I will have the opportunity to participate in community projects.  This will help me to bring positive changes to the society and derive self satisfaction.  This will be a win-win situation.  In JCI, when working on a project, sustainability is an important factor.  As a result, I will do the best of my ability to contribute to a better future.  The journey begins now.


Devina Lobine

Devina Lobine began her educational journey studying a degree in Agricultural Biotechnology and later a PhD in Natural Products. As a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Mauritius, Dr. Lobine is currently researching medicinal plants to identify lead compounds that can be used as therapeutics to manage Alzheimer’s disease.

Driven by her motto, “Failure is an option, but giving up is never an option,” Devina represents women shattering the glass ceiling of gender bias in the medical field. As a NEPAD-SANBio Youth Ambassador, Fellow of Africa Science Leadership Programme and Next Einstein Forum Ambassador, she participates in and contributes to numerous initiatives and projects relevant to the science agenda, to ensure that more women and youth are empowered to become scientists who provide people with healthier and longer lifespans. Devina is dedicated to improve the state of sciences in Africa, which will eventually contribute to the development of a sustainable continent and World.

Devina believes that collectively, we can all contribute to address global challenges by either being the changemaker or by empowering the youth to create meaningful change. With this belief, she has joined JCI because she see JCI as enabling platform that will allow her to bring her contribution to create a sustainable impacts on the society.


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