Anou Kompran Nu Societe

05 Nov

Anou Kompran Nu Societe has been the baby project of JCI Curepipe since 2016. We started with an intensive needs analysis, guided by the Active Citizens Framework. The project has been rolled out in different phases. 

Phase one of this project is to carry out awareness sessions in different regions of Curepipe, since the beginning of the year with JCI Mauritius and other local organisations. JCI Curepipe has in 2019 carried out one neighbourhood watch session in Cite La Brasserie  and two awareness sessions one in Forest Side and another at Anges du Soleil Tamarin. 

Phase two of the project is data collection in those regions where the awareness session, that is, the neighbourhood watch session has been carried out by our primary collaborators (the Crime Prevention Unit). The data collection has for aim to get an estimation of the number of people residing in the region, the people who stay at home and other such details to get a proper overview of the type of area it is. We have started with data collection from more than 200 houses in Engrais Martial Region in Curepipe through three sessions. 

Phase three of this initiative is the setting up of the neighbourhood watch group. After the data collection process, a group of capable volunteers is set up. They are primary contact person in case of any worry or suspicious activity going on in the area. They will have direct contact with the CPU.

We have already carried out a preliminary meeting with the stakeholders of Forest-side to go onto phase 2 on the project. We intend to set up the neighbourhood watch in all regions where the awareness session has already been carried out in the near future. 

Siksha Dewoo

2019 Local Vice President




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