Recruitment Session- Introduce A Buddy

15 Jul

One of JCI core objective is achieving membership growth and being the leading global network of active citizens which entails motivating  young people aged between 18-40 years old to join a local organisation with an objective to discover the brotherhood across different countries, develope leadership skills by contributing to the advancement of their communities.

This year JCI Curepipe has designed a new and unique strategy to recruit new members and retain existing members.  After the wonderful conference 2019 JCI Africa and the Middle East Conference, several JCI members’ friends were showing interest to join JCI Curepipe local chapter.

During month of June, JCI Curepipe hosted an event named; Introduce A Buddy as part of its recruitment campaign. The main purpose of the event was each JCI Curepipe member had to bring an interested buddy to the event.

The event was held in a cosy place with breathtaking views at Quatres Bornes. We had a wonderful opportunity to meet several buddies and introduced them to our projects and development opportunities in JCI. Positively 90% of the buddies who attended the event turned up and has shown interest to join our local organisation.

This year JCI Curepipe local board members is looking forward to bring more innovation recruitment method to grow the JCI Curepipe family and reach our objectives.

Krish-Nee Poorun

2019 JCI Curepipe Local Vice President

Growth and Skills Development




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