Message from 2019 JCI Mauritius National President – Heveen Sharma Kejiou

15 Jul

Dear JCI Curepipe Members

It gives me great honor to address you some few words.

2019 has laid its focus on “Accelerate Transformation.”.

We have seen JCI Mauritius, especially JCI Curepipe shine brightly during the 2019 JCI Africa & The Middle East Conference. JCI Curepipe has shown that nothing is impossible.  And great leaders have emerged from this project.

I seize this opportunity to thank JCI Curepipe for its support and for having taken the lead in being the host Local Organisation for the 2019 JCI Africa & The Middle East  Area Conference. The conference was a real success thanks to the commitment and support of JCI Curepipe members.

With this achievement, we have now reached halfway of our One Year To Lead.
It is now time to sit back and see our achievement for the first six months of 2019.
Time to re-evaluate and re-prioritize our action plan.
Time to see how we can create an impact and leave a legend behind.
I strongly advise that it is time to bring together all stakeholders of Curepipe and its surrounding and work together to create a project under the Active Citizen Framework.

A project that will bring sustainable impact towards the betterment of the community of Curepipe.

I would also request the continuous support of JCI Curepipe in the National Flagship project “Neighbourhood Watch” for a drug free Mauritius.

Let us be guided by our mission and vision.
Let us be guided by JCI Curepipe motto: Create Your Opportunities.

“In The Middle Of Difficulty, Lies Opportunity” – Albert Einstein.a

As National President, I wish JCI Curepipe an amazing 2019.

Yours In JCI Spirit
Heveen Sharma KEJIOU
2019 National President
JCI Mauritius



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