Message from 2019 JCI Curepipe Local President- Karishma Ansaram

15 Jul

Dear Readers,

It is with pride that we are sharing the second edition of 2019 Newsletter. The year 2019 has bestowed a wonderful experience and success of 2019 JCI Africa and The Middle East Conference. We have welcomed 406 Delegates from more than 40 countries across five continents. With a man power of around 45 members, we impacted as one JCI Mauritius to make conference a success, indeed it brought along more bonding and brotherhood in our JCI family. For the third time, JCI Mauritius has been able to successfully deliver the JCI Africa and The Middle East Conference. We would like to thank our past presidents and members for their contribution that has brought the conference back to Mauritius again.

JCI Curepipe being the host Local Organisation has shone by have most of our members and aspiring members on different committees. They have not only contributed to the conference but also seized the development opportunities. We had the largest delegation from JCI Mauritius and also eight members graduated from 2019 JCI Active Citizens Academy.

JCI Curepipe has for the first half of 2019, been focusing on growth and empowerment of its members and aspiring members. We have looked into innovative recruitment strategies such as Introduce A Buddy and Meet Ups. In addition, trainings have been held to better equip members to embark on new projects such as Research Methods for Needs Analysis, Training on Advocacy to better pitch and seek collaboration and lately the Project Directors’ Grooming Session to empower directors on their roles and to share the experience. There have had five new members joining the family while the aspiring members currently stand at fifteen. We have strengthened the mentoring programme for aspiring members.

We are creating more opportunities to impact for the next half of the year. We are embarking on an ACF project on Social Inclusion and Equality,  we shall have more Kids for Peace Chapters affiliation along with celebration of World Peace Day, we shall celebrate the 35th JCI Curepipe Anniversary and reconnect with our Past Presidents and Members. We are looking into advancing the I am Africa Campaign. After empowering our members and growing our manpower, we are all set for next half of the year.

I would like to thank Editor in Chief, Kusoom Dewoo for publishing the newsletter along with editing team members Rushay Jany and Lavish Seewooruttun. Stay tune for more updates from us.

Happy Reading!

Yours in JCI Spirit, 

Karishma Ansaram

2019 Local President

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