Meet the 2019 JCI Africa and The Middle East Conference Organising Committee

15 Jul

JCI Curepipe would like to extend its gratitude to each and everyone who has been part of the conference organising committee. From those who have been involved in the bidding process to those who have been onsite helping out to their best of their abilities.

Special thanks to the directors who have been supporting the committee during the past two years: Anishah Gopal as Secretary General, Veerendra Kooshna as Finance Director, Asha Auckloo as Events Director and Steering Committee Chair, Franchette Emilien as Marketing Director, Pavan Gopal as Sponsorship Director, Yudhish Rama as Deputy COC Director, Karen Pellegrin as Accomodations Director, Yudhish Rohee as Transport Director and 2019 National President Heveen Kejiou. Hats off to our COC Director Lokhesh Ujhoodha for leading the committee, for his commitment and hardwork.

We would also like to recognise the invaluable support of Senator Marday, Senator Philip Ah Chuen and Senator Nousrina throughout the organisation of this conference.

These four days have surely resulted in more bonding across the local organisations. There have been some high and low moments but we overcame it together as a team. We appreciate every help and support that we’ve had during those two years. Thank you Local Presidents of 2017,2018 and 2019 for having motivated members to join us on this journey. We have been able to welcome 408 delegates from +40 countries to Mauritius only because each one of us contributed to the conference.



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