JCI Curepipe Shining during 2019 JCI Africa and The Middle East Conference

15 Jul

Faizal Sheik Chan- Winner of Public Speaking Championship during 2019 JCI Africa and The Middle East Conference

I have always been passionate about public speaking but like everyone, I had stage fright. To tackle this fear, I participated in the 2018 JCI Mauritius Public Speaking Championship, which was not a performance that I was proud of.

At that time, I had the idea of taking up the challenge again in 2019, but I was not quite sure. Eventually and randomly, I chose to enroll myself as a participant for the 2019 JCI Mauritius Public Speaking Championship. Despite the fear, I went for it and gave my best and won the competition. It was a superb moment.

In that moment of happiness, I was told that I would represent Mauritius in the 2019 JCI Africa and Middle East Conference(AMEC), where other public speaking champions from Africa and the Middle East would compete. To be honest, I was quite scared. I did not want to face international speakers and judges.

Then I got, not a little push, but a huge push by my dear friend and 2019 JCI Mauritius National President Heveen Kejiou. “Seize this opportunity brother! When will this happen again here in Mauritius? You are going to have a huge JCI platform to showcase and enhance your skills as a public speaker. Just go for it and do it. I know you can.”

So, I did.

Today, after being the winner of the 2019 JCI Africa and Middle East Conference Public Speaking Championship, I am very grateful that I seized that opportunity, and that the National President and the JCI family believed in me.

AMEC has changed me. The way that JCI has molded me is simply wonderful. The way that one is able to take up challenges after being in JCI is just magnificent. Fear is left behind and confidence replaces it.

Without JCI, I would not have been where I am today as a Public Speaker. Thank you JCI.’


Winners of Debate Championship during 2019 JCI Africa and The Middle East Conference

JCI Curepipe members Siksha Dewoo and Ravish Ramrakha along with JCI City Plus member Anishah Aujayeb Gopal won the debate Championship during 2019 JCI Africa and The Middle East Conference.

Siksha Dewoo: JCI standing true on its mission has always provided development opportunities that empowers
young active citizens.It was a privilege to take part in the debate championship during the Africa and Middle East
Conference(AMEC). This experience empowered and helped me embrace my self confidence. With people from different parts of Africa and the middle east as competitors and audience, the competition was fierce but the friendship we made was as dear. Though our team was made of members from different local organisations, we were one. Winning this competition was a moment of pride as we made our country win.



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