JCI Curepipe Experience of 2019 JCI Africa and The Middle East Conference

15 Jul


2019 Local Vice President Krish-Nee Poorun

As a first timers I didn’t know what to expect, several JCI members told me that the experience will be enriching and today I can proudly confirm it is indeed Once-In-A-Lifetime opportunity.

I had the chance to be part of a wonderful organising committee where I have really enjoyed every minute and grew an amazing social network with delegates from different countries. I also had the chance to attend several fascinating training session, workshops, meetings, shows and others.

After this first enjoyable experience, for sure I will attend more international events and conferences in the upcoming days.

I wholeheartedly encourage all JCI members to attend at least one international conference in their JCI Career whenever an opportunity arise, where one will be able to live and witness the real quintessence of JCI brotherhood relationship which is incomparable to any event.


Hanusha Cheddy

Since I have joined this wonderful organization, members often talk about brotherhood and how JCI connects the world despite barriers. I experienced it only during the 2019 JCI Africa and Middle East Conference. I had the optic of a first timer and also, that of member of the organising committee. It was four awesome days and incredible nights. Tiredness faded away, hardwork paid off. As Lauren Klarfeld said : ‘People are guests in our story, the same way we are guests in theirs. But we all meet each other for a reason because every person is a personal lesson waiting to be told.



Faizal Sheik Chan

As soon as i heard that this huge conference would be held in Mauritius, I just to take part in the organization of it. There would be so much to learn. I wanted to seize that opportunity.

I embarked on it. Things were slow first, each one of us had his particular role. I was not knowing what the end product would be like. We had our apprehensions, in case there would be mishaps.

Then, d day arrived. The opening ceremony was much awaited by everyone. It was so packed with people wanting to see the magic of amec.

That day, i was running here and there, ensuring that all tasks pertaining to my duty, were fulfilled. It was tiring, challenging but globally speaking, many of us will tell you that amec was really a life changing experience. I feel happy to have been part of the organising team which was responsible to make this event a success.


Keshav Topsy

A year ago when our local president was trying to promote the conference amongst the members and motivate them to attend the conference or even join one of the committees in charge of the conference my first thought was that it would be an opportunity not to be missed, that surely there would be a so many things that i could learn and skills to acquire so i immediately jumped on board.

I embarked on this journey not really knowing what to do or what to expect.A couple of meetings in everyone had some task allocated to them and had a particular role to play everyone knew what was expected of them.

For the most part for the many months before the conference things were going well , we had a few mishaps here and there along the way but nothing we couldn’t resolve.On my end i learned a lot of things during this time, i learned how to handle a variety of tasks i had previously no knowledge of how to do and also learned how to overcome difficulties along the way.

On the D-day is when i really realised what is meant to be part of such a conference,there was so much to do,i was running all over the place ensuing i fulfilled task that were assigned to me and fulfilling those assigned to me while i was running around,helping out and this went on till night and the other days as well.

This made it a very tiring experience both physically an mentally from working day and night and a lot of times that on things i did not have much experience in doing or were just simply frustrating tasks, at some points there was so much to do it was confusing.All of this did teach me how to work under very tight time constrains,stress,handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

This journey was not a walk in the park and especially not during the conference and personally i cannot say i enjoyed the conference, there was so too much work to do even as part of the orgaising committee, i was unable to attend any training. assemblies,talks or other activities due to the workload so i cannot tell much about how some parts of the conference were going, and other members were also in that situations.

Many of us would say that this conference was a life changing experience and i would agree with them, it is indeed a life changing experience with its ups and downs and i am proud to have been in the team that was responsible to make this event a success for the attendees.



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