JCI Curepipe at 2019 JCI Active Citizens Academy

15 Jul

The JCI Active Citizen Academy is a three-day training aimed at promoting the role and responsibility a citizen has towards the communities, country and world they belong to. Once individuals understand their social responsibility they can begin to take action in their local organizations which transforms them from ordinary individuals into extraordinary active citizens in their community. This academy focuses on the methodology for conducting impactful projects that provide sustainable solutions to communities around the world. The process outlined by the JCI Active Citizen Framework consists of collaborating with partners and community stakeholders to examine community needs, formulate sustainable solutions and take action all while monitoring and evaluating our results to ensure sustainable solutions. This academy demonstrated how the JCI Active Citizen Framework can foster active citizenship and translate social responsibility into action.

Facilitators of the academy, Kola Osinowa, Nahla Nasfi, Kurt Lauriane Degnon and Francis Olivier Bilock guided us on various various subjects namely responsibility, accountability, leadership among others. Participants had the opportunity to relish a motivational speech by the 1994 JCI President Arnaud Godere. The academy were also embellished with panel discussions and interactive group works.

Alongside the rigorous training, participants had the opportunity to bond with members of other cultures, origins and languages. Eight members of JCI Curepipe graduated from the JCI Active Citizen Academy this year.

2019 Local President Karishma Ansaram

2018 Local President Yudhish Rohee

2019 Local Vice President Siksha Dewoo

2019 Local Vice President Krish-Nee Poorun

2019 Local Treasurer Sakshi Dewoo

2018 Local Treasurer Lakshana Sumboo

2019 National Treasurer Satiam Gokool

Member Hanusha Cheddy



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