Highlight of Kids for Peace Chapters

15 Jul

JCI Curepipe has successfully affiliated two Kids for Peace Chapters in 2017 Association Ensam in Pointe aux Sables and in 2018 Ange du Soleil in Tamarin. Kids for Peace is a global 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that provides a platform for young people to actively engage in socially conscious leadership, community service, arts, environmental stewardship and global friendships. Kids for Peace has launched over 300 interconnected chapters around the world. Through Kids for Peace projects and programs, youth of all socioeconomic backgrounds are empowered to become part of positive solutions leading to a healthy and harmonious planet.

We have had the opportunity to visit Kids for Peace Chapter Ange du Soleil on 11 July 2019 along with 2019 JCI Vice President Severin Poaty who was visiting Mauritius. He interacted with the kids on Peace and also guided them to think about what does peace means to them. The children were asked to illustrate same through drawings. We were delighted to see that the meaning and search of peace differed amongst them, while some were seeking for Peace in Nature, others from Sports, from Leisure activities or from their family.




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