Aspiring Members Corner

15 Jul

Tanvi Jeebaun

We rise by lifting others. Being an accounting student, all I have been doing during these past few years is dealing with numbers, but what am I really passionate about? Helping others. My name is Madhurima Jeebaun and I joined JCI as an aspiring member in July 2019 after having learnt about it from my friends. Having always so many ideas for the community and not getting the right platform to bring them to life was one of the many things stopping me from developing a full-fledged project for my community. My willingness to help serve the community towards a better life for others motivated me to join JCI. Knowing that JCI is the best platform for me to bring my support to the society, I also plan on inspiring my self-development and perfect my communication skills and gain more self-confidence through networking and sharing of ideas. I look forward to some life-changing experiences during my JCI journey.



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