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14 Apr

Training on Applied Research Methods for NGOs

JCI Curepipe in collaboration with Atelier Gintzy hosted a training on Applied Research Methods for NGOs. As we are embarking on community projects, we also would like to know more about social research to identify a need or community problem to be solved. Research helps NGOs to achieve sustenance in their application of community based interventions. Research also helps NGO develop partners such as Government Organizations and from the private sector. The trainer was Dr Renginee G. Pillay, the founder of Atelier Gintzy, which offers freelance academic coaching, writing and CSR/legal consultancy services. She has over 15 years experience in the Higher Education sector (UK, France, Mauritius), with expertise in writing, lecturing, teaching and mentoring/coaching. She is also a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy, and an External Reviewer for the Mauritius Tertiary Education Commission.

Local Board and National Board Officers Training

JCI Mauritius LOM/NOM training is an essential training for JCI Mauritius Officers conducted each year. This event was organised by the 2019 JCI Mauritius Board Members.

The two full days training were to help Local Presidents and Local board Members to refresh their responsibilities while new officers to familiarise with the new responsibilities and challenges they will face during the year as a board member.

This year the courses was delivered on two days which took place 1st and 2nd February 2019. The courses as follows:


  • JCI Admin– 2016 JCI Mauritius National President Yudhishthir Rao Rama
  • It’s not just about logos– 2019 JCI AMESA Chairperson Nourisna Peerbux and 2019 JCI Mauritius National Secretary Philip Chang-Ko
  • One year to lead– 2018 JCI Vice President- Asha Auckloo


  • Communicating for Results– 2019 Skills and Development Committee Chairperson Ismael Essackjee
  • The Power of Leaders– 2008 JCI Executive Vice President Aruna Pulton
  • Preparing for 2019 JCI Africa and The Middle East Conference– COC Director Lokhesh Ujhoodha
  • Strategic Planning– 2018 JCI Vice President- Asha Auckloo

Through this two days training, the trainers shared their past experiences, knowledge, international experiences which encouraged us to be better leaders + continuous progressive change in our community.

For us,  it was an ideal opportunity to grasp maximum and get familiarise with the JCI’s policies such as admin, communication, JCI Brand and others;  The training was very efficient in terms it has help us to improve our leadership skills, knowledge in respect what we need to fulfil this year as a local board member .



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