Message of 2019 JCI Mauritius Senate Chairperson- Nousrina Peerbux

14 Apr

Dear Readers,

“People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do. Words will be words, until you bring them to life… ”

A peppy spirit with which JCI Mauritius Senate has stepped into 2019 and a vibe we would like to encourage all of you to feel, while taking responsibilities this year.

We have started 2019 with a pleasant first senate meet, Senators in Summer at Senator Francis’ residence, a casual BBQ party encouraging bonding and friendship among senators. We have seized this opportunity to motivate Senators to the register to the event. Our second Senate meet was held during the visit of the JCI Executive Vice President Oumar and kept the same focus around the preparation of the incoming conference while we were welcoming the Chairperson of event. After all, the first quarter of this year is highly concentrated on the different aspects of the 2019 JCI Africa and the Middle East conference.

Besides the Senate meets, we were delighted to note that JCI Mauritius Senators have been quite energetic for the past three months. They have attended the activities of their respective Local Organisation and have seized the opportunity to mingle with members at the JCI Mauritius Joint Members Meeting and the JCI Execute Vice President’s banquet. We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to them and to the fantastic Senators who have responded positively to the requests of their Local Organisations and/or of JCI Mauritius, for trainings, motivational sessions, project guidance and meetings facilitation with high profile partners, among others. We are thrilled to see that doors are being knocked and answered.

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try! We seize this opportunity to congratulate the following JCI Senators who have recently been recognised based on their professional achievements:

  • Senator Heymant Sonoo , elected as President of the Mauritius Sugar Syndicate 2018-2019
  • Senator Philip Ah Chuen, appointed as Chairman of the Utility Regulatory Authority
  • Senator Eric Ng, for his new book – Maurice la cigale
  • Senator Marday Venkatasamy, receiving the order of merit of the Grand Officer of the Order of the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean (GOSK)
  • Senator Bruneau Woomed, nominated as ambassadors for the Rise & Shine campaign
  • Senator Kiran Bhujun, Winner of the Professional Achievement Award- UK Alumni Award

Propel by positive vibes, we are stepping into the second quarter of the year, immensely taken by the supervision of the Senate programme during the 2019 JCI Africa and the Middle East conference. The programme has almost been finalised and a few interesting communications about same should appear in April. 2019 remains for all of us “the year of the conference” and calls for the commitment of all members and senators. This is an exceptional opportunity and we have to consider every sacrifice and every effort as exceptional.

On another note, the Good Governance award, a JCI Mauritius Senate initiative to promote transparency and accountability at Local Level, is still present this year, with same criteria as in 2018.

On an ending note, thank you JCI Curepipe Local President and Local Board members for offering us the opportunity to spread Senate news in JCI Curepipe newsletter. We wish all members and senators of JCI Curepipe to create their opportunities as per the motto of this year. Being the hosting Local Organisation of the conference is quite a responsibility, but you have shown till now determination and hard work in making things happen.

I take a moment to also thank all Senators from JCI Curepipe for their unfailing and wonderful support to JCI Mauritius Senate. Always present with smiling faces, they are the coolest problem solvers ever. Every weakness becomes an opportunity with them.

2019 is definitely your year! Stay focus because you are about to make great things happen.

Yours in JCI Spirit,

Nousrina Peerbux

2019 JCI AMESA Chairperson

2019 JCI Mauritius Senate Chairperson



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