Message from 2019 JCI Mauritius National President- Heveen Sharma Kejiou

14 Apr


Dear JCI Curepipe Members,


It gives me immense pleasure to address you as 2019 JCI Mauritius National President for the first newsletter of JCI Curepipe for 2019.

Being one of the JCI Mauritius’s first Local Organization was created, JCI Curepipe has a rich history of creating great leaders.  JCI Curepipe has always been ambitious in working challenging projects, which create sustainable impact in communities.

Since 2017, JCI Curepipe has embarked in an adventure, working on an exemplary project: The 2019 JCI Africa & The Middle East Conference. This project for more than two years, have given so many development opportunities to the members of JCI Mauritius.  A project that again make JCI Mauritius shine at international level.  We are nearing the climax of this project and in nearly one month, we will host this conference. I would like to sincerely thank JCI Curepipe for taking up this challenge and believing in the members of JCI Mauritius for making this conference a huge success.

Apart from the conference, this year is an ambitious one for your local organization with a plan of action well shaped and inspired on a powerful theme: Create Your Opportunities.  This show that you have set your priorities and are on the right path for sustainable development and JCI Curepipe will give more development opportunities to its members so that they create their own opportunities.

First quarter of 2019 is almost done.  And yet, we still have a long way to go.  I wish all the members of JCI Curepipe a lot of success in all their projects and continue to create impact in our society.

Let be ambitious and Create your opportunities now.

Lets Rise in Harmony.

Yours in JCI Spirit

Heveen Sharma KEJIOU

2019 JCI Mauritius National President


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