JCI Curepipe’s New Bloods

14 Apr

Vishwanath Petkar

Profession:  Student

I always dreamed of doing something that had an impact – for me, to feel that I changed a person’s life for the better. JCI has provided me with a platform to do just that. Fighting for equality and justice in local communities by collaborating with one another and leaving none is something I believe is unique to JCI.

Projects worked on: Newsletter editing, ABC of Stock Exchange, 2018 JCI AMEC COC academy.


Vedish Rajputty

Profession: Financial Reporting Assistant

I wanted to join JCI because I always want to do social work and volunteer. JCI helps us grow and develop. JCI also helps me to develop more contact.

Projects worked on: 2018 JCI Curepipe Alumni Event, Project Director for Watercolor for Peace, Team Building, 2019 JCI AMEC Events Committee.



Kusoom Dewoo

Profession: Final Year Student

I have joined JCI mainly to create positive impact in the society and for personal development. I must say, I have had the opportunity to be on various projects that allowed me to contribute to the benefit of the society.

Projects worked on: Co-Project Director for The Challenge, 21 Days 21 Green Actions, 2018 JCI Mauritius National Convention, Watercolor for Peace, 2019 JCI AMEC Transport Committee.



Keshav Topsy

Profession: Student

I first joined JCI to get out of my comfort zone so I could do things I would not normally do and allow myself to grow as an individual, learn new skills, build my resume and my network.

Projects worked on: 2018 JCI Curepipe Alumni Event ,watercolor for Peace, Team Building, 2019 JCI AMEC Events Committee, Blood Drive for Thalassemia Patients, The Challenge, 21 Days 21 Green Actions.



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