JCI Curepipe Sport Club

14 Apr

The sport club is an idea nested by Local President Karishma and Local Vice President Krishnee to promote a healthier lifestyle among our members, engage in a variety of activities and bond through experiences. The sport club aspires to promote a healthier lifestyle for our members encourage them to do more sport and helps them to evacuate stress and unwind during activities. The activities we plan to do during the year are quite diversified, fun and interesting;  ranging from trails, mountain climbing, swimming sessions, surf and various other activities. We try as much as possible to make the activities as fun as possible for all the members so as they enjoy themselves and are able to bond with one another better.

Till date we have had two activities, a trail starting at Cascade 500 pieds which was our first activity and the  second one was a mountain climbing which was done along a cleanup campaign #TrashTag Challenge on le Morne Brabant. Both events we successful and members seemed not to only enjoyed both adventures but have also challenged themselves on the tracks. We are pleased to also welcome Non JCI members during our activities. To end, we look forward to couple our fitness activities with other social initiatives. Stay tune for more fitness activities!

Keshav Topsy

JCI Curepipe Sports Captain


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