Awards received in 2018

14 Apr

On the 11th December, every JCI member across around the world celebrates JCI Active Citizen Day. In Mauritius, we marked this special occasion in 2018 by holding JCI Active Citizen Day at Holiday Inn Hotel, Plaisance. The purpose of the event was to commend local JCI organisations and members who have gone to the extra mile, to contribute to the organisation and the society.

JCI Curepipe sent entries for eleven awards and won four of them – ‘Best Local Organisation’, ‘Best Community Empowerment Project’, ‘Best Local Growth and Development Programme’ and ‘Best Inter Organisation Collaboration Project’.

JCI Curepipe won the best local organisation award for three consecutive years (2016, 2017 and 2018). We would like to thank all our hard-working and supportive members, senators and aspiring members. What led to keep the award home this year, is, the never-ending will of each member, senator and aspiring member to bring a positive change in the society. We contributed to positive change by rolling out diverse types of social projects for e.g Peace Manual, Blood Drive, Neighbourhood watch while in parallel, we promoted the business network through speed networking and how to network project. Our desire to give to our society coupled with dedicated members and aspiring members lead to the acquisition of the title – 2018 Best Local Organisation.

The second award we received was the ‘Best Community Empowerment Project’ for our drug abuse project – an Active Citizen Framework (ACF) project named ‘Anou Kompren Nu Societer’, under the leadership of our 2018 Project Director Sheren Govinden. Started in 2016, this project remains one of the most impactful project by JCI Curepipe as mentioned by the 2018 JCI Mauritius ACF and Global Goals Committee. The purpose is to tackle the social ill that was destroying the family values of the inhabitants of Curepipe – the proliferation of illegal drugs. Impactful presentations were carried out in collaboration various stakeholders such as the Crime Prevention Unit of the Mauritius Police Force.



The third element is under the title – ‘Best Local Growth and Development Programme’- for our recruitment and retention strategy ‘Empowering to Lead and Impact’. Headed by the 2018 Local Vice-President, Karishma Ansaram, the purpose of 2018 Recruitment and Retention Committee was to empower our local members to take leadership position and to strengthen the brotherhood in JCI Curepipe. We conducted several sessions with our past members to groom the members and aspiring members as well as had several trainings for skills development.


The fourth award received is under “Best Inter Organisation Collaboration Project” category. Under the leadership of 2018 Local Vice-President, Kishan Rughobur, several ‘Teens In Control’ workshops were carried out to educate teenagers living in areas with high pregnancy statistics. The aim was to promote abstinence as a choice. One of such session was done in collaboration with JCI Port Louis at Bois Marchand. The session was very interactive that we went to the centre for one more time to present and discuss on the topic. The support of JCI Port Louis notable the 2018 JCI Port Louis Local President Karen Pellegrin and 2018 JCI Port Louis Local Vice President Selvyn Ramasawmy was vital for the success of the sessions.

JCI Active Citizen Day 2018 remains one of the most beautiful memory which is cherished by our members and aspiring members. We are sure that the claps and praises dedicated to JCI Curepipe on that night still echoes in the ears of many of us.


Anjana Greedharee

2018 JCI Curepipe Local Secretary


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