Aspiring Members’ Corner

14 Apr

 Yaveesh Oogarah

My name is Yaveesh Oogarah and I first learned about JCI through internet and social media pages.My decision to join JCI was mostly determined by the fact that JCI offers a good platform for capacity building, to work in new projects and develop one’s network. JCI offered me a way to get out of my confort zone and out of routine work life.I am very keen to contribute my part in this amazing JCI family and I am sure together we can bring a positive change to the society and environment.


 Adarsh Imrit

My name is Adarsh Imrit and I was introduced to JCI by my sister’s friend. I am currently working and studying ACCA. My primary motive to join JCI is to adapt a culture of social belonging as from now. I believe that in the midst of the competitive and stressful working life, it is important to belong to a social group and to serve the society as well.I am also of strong opinion that JCI will help me shape my personality for the better and at the same time I have much to offer to build a better society.




Indra Dusoye

I am keen to contribute my small step in making a better world. My name is Indra Dusoye and I am a Lecturer in International Human Resource Management and Expatriation at University of Mauritius. I am also on the final stage of my doctoral program with University of Edinburgh Napier, Scotland. I heard of JCI a decade back but could not find time to commit to the projects. I decided to join this year, after understanding about its purpose from a close friend of mine; Karishma. I am keen to serve the society through projects and JCI seems the right platform for me to do it.
I am keen to work on a couple of projects earmarked with my local branch. My interest for projects with JCI lies in women’s health, CSR and Sustainability and developing capacity. I have been keen to work on those projects/subjects since long and JCI is the proper platform for me to do that. Simultaneously, I look forward to develop additional skills, grow my network and train other JCI people as well.
I would be immensely happy, if altogether, we can make a difference in the world, prepare a new mindset to offer a better life to next generations and develop capacity and potential of our fellow JCI members and at a later stage reach the wider population.

 Narishma Roy

I introduce myself,Narishma Roy, former economic student of LCC.Strongly advised by some friends to join JCI, I finally did it.For now I am participating in 2019 JCI AMEC, teambuilding activities and Kids for Peace Chapters .Since members are aged 18 to 40, such interactions expose oneself to different thinking and opinions. Also leading projects contribute to finer leadership skills.JCI contributes positively towards society and instill the same values amongst members.Empowerment of youngsters is another facet whereby a young member keeps evoluting throughout their journey.



Lavish Jugjiwan Seewooruttun

I am Lavish Jugjiwan Seewooruttun, currently pursuing my studies in ACCA and LL. B at the University of London. I have previously worked at the Financial Services Commission, the Regulator of the financial services sector in Mauritius and in private companies offering financial services. How I heard about JCI? The ABC Stock Exchange event organised by JCI City Plus was very well planned and organised and I willingly bought into the idea of becoming part of such an organisation that was creating great value and having an impact on society; in particular empowering our youth. Being an active member in my locality, JCI Curepipe was the next step to contributing to the society through our youth and the training and experience we acquire as aspiring members from the experienced members is something else and is worth every bit of it.



Dr Arvind Ramchurn

I am Dr SSB RAMCHURN; they all know me as Arvin. I am a General Practitioner, currently working in Anesthesiology at Victoria Hospital. I joined JCI soon after being introduced by the National President Heveen Kejiou to the world’s largest network of young leaders and entrepreneurs. As a JCI Aspiring Member I seize the opportunity to become an active citizen and contribute as best as i can to make long lasting changes in the community.


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