Anou Kompren Nu Societe- Combatting Drug Abuse

14 Apr

Anou Kompren Nu Societé, a, JCI Curepipe, project kick started in 2016 with a community needs analysis, within the JCI Active Citizenship Framework (ACF) aiming to combat one of the scrounge of our today’s society, DRUG ABUSE.

This illicit problem that makes people, irrespective of age, sex, gender ,religion, ethnicity and social background, its pry. According to the recent data on drug offences as per Statistics Mauritius (2017) Plaines Wilhems was the district where most drug offences occurred. The project took form in 2017 with our main partner, the Crime Prevention Unit (CPU) and was first implemented in different areas of Plaines Wilhems communities in 2018. Our first neighbourhood watch session was at Forest-side, which was followed by a workshop in Engrais Martial and 16ème Miles respectively. Our attempt to eradicate this ill of society was recognised as the most impactful project by the JCI Mauritius ACF Committee and was rewarded as the best Local Community Empowerment project of 2018 by JCI Mauritius.

The impact from our ACF project started to show in the from of a decline in number of drug offences occurring in the region as per the discussions we had with the Police Officers.  A formal report of the result of this project is yet to be received by the CPU.

2019 is the year to expand this project and to reach out to more people in affected localities across the island. JCI Mauritius undertook the project and it turned into a « National Flagship Project ». Our ultimate aim for the year is that each local organisations conducts at least three workshops in different areas of Mauritius.


Siksha Dewoo

2019 JCI Curepipe Local Vice President


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