2019 JCI Mauritius Public Speaking Championship- Meet the Winners

14 Apr

2019 JCI Mauritius Public Speaking Championship Winner- Faizal Sheik Chan

As a SPEAKER , I learnt a valuable lesson on that day:
I set the BENCHMARK really high for myself and if i don’t perform the way I predicted, I tend to beat myself down by saying:
“See? You’re not good AT ALL at all! You planned to do A, but you didn’t manage to do that. You’re worthless!”

But, I was brought back to Earth by a FRIEND who told me this:
“BROTHER , I see what you try to do to yourself and it’s not correct. You might set the bar really high and BEAT yourself if you don’t reach that level but, if you try to see it from the eye of someone else, you would know that you performed really well!”
“You should not. Your self BELIEF should be higher than your self CRITICISM “.

My message to you today is this:

Maybe we all do that from time to time. We think that we are WORTH less. But if we try to see ourselves from someone else’s eyes, we might notice that we have so much MORE .It’s not always the case that we should ignore what people think of us. Sometimes, THEIR little words of ENCOURAGEMENT help and stay in the HEART FOREVER. Believe in yourself more than you actually do.


2019 JCI Mauritius Public Speaking Championship 1st Runner Up- Satyam Fowdar


I would say…Simply empowering….By just taking the challenge to stand on stage and pitch, made me feel like a champion. That’s how I felt on stage! Winning was not my objective, I was there to learn and try something new in life. The after feeling was even more empowering. I found an inner trait which was dormant. On reflection, this competition is only a stepping stone. I thank JCI Curepipe for having given me this opportunity.


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