2019 JCI Africa & The Middle East Conference- Message of COC Director

14 Apr

Dear JCI Mauritius members,

Greetings from the Conference Organising Committee.

We are only a few weeks before the conference and as expected things are getting busier by the day. The Conference Organising Committee is at all times in a balancing act between our budget, partners and expectations.

I can remember the day we won the bid in Tunisia like it was yesterday even though we have now toiled for 2 years already. There were many hard decisions that had to be made along the way and it is only after the conference that we will know if they were the right ones. There were many sacrifices that the team had to make that will go unnoticed to the eyes of outsiders.

If there is one thing that I regret in all of this; it is the number of registrations from JCI Mauritius. We could be a minority at our own conference. I would like to thank everyone who has the helped us so far and all those who have registered.

I would like to commend the many delegates from all the around the world who are truly making an effort to overcome the travel and visa challenges to attend our conference. I really hope the delegations of JCI Mali and JCI Syria are able to secure their visas and we will continue to strive to facilitate the process.

At this point I can only hope that the conference will live up to and even exceed the standard set by JCI Mauritius at international level.

As COC Director I am grateful for the development opportunities that this has brought me so far. It is a humbling experience that can be described as quoted famously:

“Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.”

― Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning


With thanks & kind regards,

Lokhesh Ujhoodha

2019 JCI Africa and The Middle East Conference

Organising Committee Director


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